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Full IT Support for your business


Full IT Support is essential for the smooth running of your business. All too often IT Support is purely Reactive with a helpdesk of engineers who await your call to be told of your problem which they either fix remotely or by coming on site.

At IT Action we believe that this is just the first of four building blocks of a full IT Support operation. The other building blocks are Proactive, Infrastructure Management, System Strategy.

IT Action’s Full IT Support is:


  • Help Desk
  • Remote Problem Analysis and Resolution
  • On-Site Support and Emergency Response


  • 24x7 System Monitoring
  • Anti Virus Protection - Fully Managed and Monitored
  • Data Backups - Fully Managed and Monitored
  • Out of hours full system patching and updates
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Options

Infrastructure Management

  • Regular Services Reviews
  • Full system technical audit/asset register and documentation
  • Best of Industry Practises
  • One Stop Procurement for all hardware and software needs

System Strategy

  • Equipment / Software life cycle and budget planning
  • Full IT Trend/Technology Awareness for your business benefit

Help Desk

We provide unlimited support over the phone or via email. Our Help Desk service provides an instant response from highly trained support professionals whose priority is to deliver quality, timely and professional service. We have incident management resources in Ahmedabad, India, allowing us to combine multi-skilled technical support specialists into a single team that provides true 24x7 support.

Remote Problem Analysis and Resolution

Our engineers are able to analyse and resolve over 90% of client issues remotely, ensuring continuity of service, increasing productivity, and reducing the need for costly on-site visits.

On-Site Support and Emergency Response

To ensure the ongoing reliability of client systems our engineers conduct regular scheduled visits to client offices, carrying out routine maintenance and upgrading systems. Our engineers also work on-site to resolve critical issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

24x7 System Monitoring

We use best-of-breed technologies to proactively monitor the integrity, stability and availability of our clients' critical IT systems. Our monitoring system produces a variety of alerts whenever a problem occurs, allowing proactive problem resolution - many issues can be resolved remotely without the client being aware. You get peace of mind from knowing we are constantly monitoring your critical systems, 24x7. Moreover, if you wish to be informed of a major overnight issue with systems/office, we can contact you when it happens so that you have the option to get to the office earlier to bring your systems up in conjunction with our engineers prior to the start of the working day.

Anti Virus Protection - Fully Managed and Monitored

Protection from viruses is now an essential part of IT systems. IT Action fully monitors and manages all aspects of your virus protection system right from ensuring a industry strength anti virus system is in place right through to ensuring virus pattern updates are successfully happening.

Data Backups - Fully Managed and Monitored

Data loss is a massive threat to business, 80% of business who suffer a big data loss do not survive for longer than a year. IT Action proactively checks and ensures all backups are successful on a daily basis and will complete regular restore tests to ensure the system is fully functional.

Out of hours full system patching and updates

Having non patched or updated software is a big threat system reliability and security. IT Action completes scheduled remoter out of hours (4:30am to 8:30am weekdays and Saturdays) system patching and updates as a standard part of it’s support offering.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Options

IT Action offers a range of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Options to suit your business’s needs and budget. These range from off site, datacentre based remote backups right through to full, business continuity solutions.

Regular Services Reviews

Communication is an essential part of a full IT support offering. IT Action ensures client expectations are met by having regular Service Reviews. These offer the chance for service improvement as well as ensuring client systems are well matched to the business requirements put upon them.

Full system technical audit and documentation

IT Action will undertake a full technical audit of your IT infrastructure. From this is will complete a full software and hardware asset register which is essential to the understanding of your IT infrastructure. This, along with IT Action generated online documentation of your systems, will enable full quality IT support of your systems.

Best of Industry Practises

IT Action completes all its work according to current best of industry practises.

One Stop Procurement for all hardware and software needs

IT Action can procure all of your IT requirements. IT Action has a very open approach to supplying IT hardware and software to its clients. We find that our clients want a ‘One Stop’ approach to procurement. IT Action can fulfil this and can do so on a cost plus basis. IT Action’s business model is around the supply of best quality IT Support only and not hardware and software supply.

Equipment / Software life cycle and budget planning

IT Action will work with its clients to maximise the IT assets that they have and to maximise IT benefits to the clients business. This involves planning the life cycle of these assets on an ongoing basis and ensuring that this planning best fits in with the businesses budget requirements.

Full IT Trend/Technology Awareness for your business benefit

IT is always changing, different IT fashions and trends come and go. IT Action works with its clients to ensure that their clients make the best opportunity for their businesses out of the latest technologies and trends whilst ensure clients do not change with the fashion just for fashion’s sake.

Next Steps

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