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IT Action has the proven capability to deliver simple and complex IT projects of varying size. IT Action’s wealth of experience in such projects makes it a safe pair of hands for such work.

Examples of recent projects delivered by IT Action for its clients include:

“One of IT Action’s clients asked it to plan, cost and subsequently implement a surecure, international MPLS based network infrastructure between its London HQ and its Indian back office based in Mumbai.

IT Action successfully implemented this project within both the planned timescale and budget.

This MPLS implementation is different from most in the IT Action directly manage the MPLS connectivity rather that by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) as is normally the case.

This direct approach to the MPLS implementation allows IT Action to deliver to the client the very high SLA (Service Level Agreement) that the company absolutely requires for this very business critical element of how the company delivers its services to its clients.”

“IT Action has recently completed a major relocation of the primary UK firewall for a leading bank’s global trading operation. The move was required following the bank’s strategic decision to outsource their entire IT support operation to a large telecommunications/IT services organisation.

The relocated firewall is a twin-sited highly available system. IT Action was chosen to complete the move because it was able to demonstrate the necessary technical skills and experience within the banking sector to complete the project successfully.

IT Action worked closely with the client and the new outsourced service provider to ensure that the migration to the new system was completed on time and without interruption.”

  “IT Action has successfully commissioned a full disaster recovery site for a major online betting company. IT Action was involved throughout the project, completing research into suitable options for the disaster recovery data centre location, and undertaking all work to install and commission the DR servers and supporting infrastructure.

This was a very successful project completed within a very tight timescale. IT Action’s client now has the ability to switch data centres instantly, in the event of data centre or internet service provider outage or any other major disaster.”


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